Don't be stuck in the old decades of customer relationship management techniques. Things have changed. When your customer is not satisfied, they won't be wasting time waiting in the lane to tell you about your product and service. They'll straight shoot to your social media account and post their thoughts openly in the comments. 

If you leave your customer hanging there without a reply, that will not be a good reputation for your business. You must pay attention to every single feedback and reply patiently. No matter what business you are in, your responsibility as an entrepreneur lies in solving problems for your customer. You are a problem solver and that's how your business makes money. A problem left hanging will not give you consistent profit in the long run. Example of a problem left hanging is a neglected customer feedback.

Not many businesses are aware of the importance on managing social media accounts to handle customer feedback. The best thing that you can do if you are busy with operations of your business is to hire a social media agency that will manage your social profiles and customer feedback. It's still not late for you to do it. Go reply, solve problems and boost your sales. 

Are you paying attention to customer feedback?

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