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Are you facing these marketing challenges?

Here are the top 6 marketing challenges stopping you from scaling your brand:


You're always getting left behind with strategies to keep your Shopify store thriving.


Struggling to use the right message, to the right person at the right time.


Frustrated and feeling stuck with low sales conversion rates.


Stagnant or low average order value per customer.


Hard time in turning one-time buyers into loyal fans.


You're relying heavily on paid advertising to drive sales.

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Meet Your Long-term Solution: Jaey Media

Your #1 Omnichannel Marketing Advisor &
Partner for Growth

Get more traffic, sales, and repeat sales using our proven Jaey Trident Targeting Method.

Step 1) Explore Untapped Marketing Channels

We will study your core traffic sources and help you unlock the most effective channels for your business, such as Meta Ads, TikTok Ads, Google Ads, Podcasts, Content Marketing, and Partnership Marketing, for consistent traffic flow.

Step 2) Capture The Right Traffic

We will focus on increasing the CTR (click-thru rate) of your content and creatives by communicating the right message to the right person at the right time.

Step 3) Boost Your Sales Conversion

We will guide you to convert more traffic into sales by optimizing CR (Conversion Rate Optimization) around your customer's need and follow up with retention marketing channels such as Chatbot, Email & SMS.

Step 4) Boost Your Customer Orders

We will help you get more returns from a customer by increasing the AOV (average order value) by upselling, bundling, or cross-selling without heavily focusing on discounts.

Step 5) Boost Your Repeat Sales

We will help you to get repeat sales and increase your customer's LTV (lifetime value) so that you can spend more to acquire a customer than your competitors profitably.

Step 6) Scale With Word-of-mouth Marketing

We will help you turn your repeat buyers into fans to achieve organic growth at scale by pushing word-of-mouth marketing using referral marketing tools.

Our secret: Relentless optimization of
all 6 levers to double your sales.

1. Boost your traffic
click thru rate
2. Boost your click-thru-rate
conversion rate
3. Boost your conversion rate
average order value
4. Boost your average order value
customer lifetime value
5. Boost your customer lifetime value
6. Boost your word of mouth marketing

Our Services

No Contract.

No Hidden Fees.

Free Facebook Group. Get access to a wealth of latest knowledge and tips on digital marketing from our experts to help you start and grow your business. You will also get access to our network of entrepreneurs supporting each other to grow and win using digital marketing.

Learn the basics of marketing that will help you to identify your target market, offer and the perfect way to communicate them using marketing channels that can be accessed easily without spending a lot of money. You will learn how to capture more attention and convert them into customers without running ads.

Introducing Jaey Trident Targeting Method - the ultimate guide for beginners looking to increase their online presence, convert traffic into sales, and retain their customers! With easy to follow frameworks, concepts and principles, you will be able to reach your business goals in no time.

How to Grow Your Brand is our group coaching program designed specifically for small business owners and individuals to build and grow their brand using our proven digital marketing principles. Our experienced coaches will give you all the knowledge and strategies to bring your brand to the next level.

Our 1-on-1 consulting services are tailored to meet the specific needs of small business owners and individuals looking to build and grow their brand. Our experienced consultants will provide personalized guidance, support, and empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to get more traffic, sales and repeat sales.

Get our 1-on-1 advanced consulting services to master your marketing together with your team. Get 7 hours of training (an hour a day) together with your sales and marketing team to get more customers, sales and repeat sales. In addition, your team will be getting a step by step custom made checklist for your brand to grow.

Our full service marketing solutions will be covering top 3 sales channels (social media, search ads, email marketing and BONUS SMS marketing) to bring you more sales and growth for your brand. You can choose the channels and the budget that you want to allocate for your growth.

Our hassle free advanced full service marketing solutions (a total of 10 sales channels) will provide you with the flexibility and control to tailor your marketing strategy to your exact needs. With our approach, you can choose the specific services you require to grow your brand, from social media management to paid ads and everything in between. You'll have the peace of mind of knowing that all aspects of your digital marketing are being taken care of, giving you more time to focus on your business. Our goal is to help you achieve your marketing objectives and drive meaningful results that will help your brand thrive.

Our Results

    Jaey Media always gives us the feeling that they care about the job they are doing and that they really want to make sure we are pleased with the result. We've referred to Jaey Media already and will probably continue to do so. Awesome work!

    Subscription Box Service
    Our social media marketing project started less than 3 months ago and we've been extremely pleased with your company's standard of service and professionalism.

    Shopify Store
    The level of passion and excitement for jumping into this project was what set Jaey Media apart when searching for other services. The work they have done is amazing in not only having everything set up to fit with our brand, but also keeping in touch and providing actionable data and input to make us a more effective business as a whole. Love you guys!.

    E-commerce Store
    Jaey Media helped me understand what we wanted to do and in getting it all implemented, they were a full service solution.

    Marketing Manager
    Online Apparel Store
    I didn't know where to start handling my new retail company's online marketing and advertisement, and Jaey Media came to the rescue.

    Pet Supplies E-commerce
    For any move we take with our website, Jaey Media has always been very informative. I appreciate that, before it is introduced, we always see what they can do for our platform.

    E-commerce Retailer
    For social media management and content development, I would highly recommend Jaey Media. In the job they do, the team at Jaey Media is very knowledgeable and thorough. Their copywriting is top-notch, and very good outcomes are given by their social team.

    Before Jaey Media, our brand was among the top 10 within our industry group. We are the top brand within our category now that we have teamed up.

    Shopify Store

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Omnichannel marketing is a proven strategy to use multiple marketing channels across your customer journey to communicate the right message to the right person at the right time. Capture their attention using paid ads and content. Boost sales conversion using CRO, Google, remarketing, or chatbot and get repeat sales using email and SMS marketing.

Jaey Trident Targeting Method is an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy & framework we created by serving successful brands for over 5 years and studying the customer journey psychology.

We are serving driven entrepreneurs & businesses from all over the world. We specialize in customer journey psychology and digital marketing. We use our expertise to serve everyone from solopreneurs and small businesses to scalable businesses.

We have 6 core services depending on your business size and stage. For solopreneurs, we are offering free guides, tools, and resources. For small businesses, we are offering group coaching, and 1 on 1 consultations. We are offering social media services and complete digital marketing services for scaling businesses.

No, there's no contract. However, we recommend you work together for three months for scalable results.

It's unethical to guarantee time-based results. Some external factors beyond our control, such as the supply chain, product, or consumer behavior, will affect the results. However, we can share our goal: to double your sales fast. And we recommend you stick with the partnership for a minimum of 3 months to decide if this will work out. There's no contract.

No, there are no other fees. Instead, we offer a lot of FREE Bonuses.

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