Grow your SMS list

SMS Marketing is without a doubt can become your highest ROI marketing channel if you are running an e-commerce brand or doing consulting. 

The golden idea to win in SMS Marketing is by sending the right message to the right person at the right time. One of the key challenges in realizing the golden idea is building a list of the right customers interested in getting SMS from your business.

The secret to building a healthy list lies in embracing this channel as a permission-based channel. When you run SMS marketing with this idea, the chances of your brand attracting the right customers and boosting sales are higher backed with strong legal protection.

Building a highly compliant list is a must when it comes to both SMS and email marketing. There are a few ways for your brand to ensure your strategies are compliant. One of the key main ideas is to ensure you are using the appropriate legal language at every opt-in.

Here are some of the ways for your brand to build your SMS list:

1. Website Pop-Ups to turn organic traffic into subscribers

2. Collect subscribers during checkout

3. Promote your text keyword through social media channels

4. Invite email subscribers to join SMS Club for additional incentives

5. Use paid ads to drive traffic to an SMS compliant landing page

6. Add QR Codes to your packaging and encourage them to subscribe for loyalty rewards

7. Share it with your owned Facebook groups for personalized conversations

No matter what your strategy is, remember to stay compliant and preferably use double opt-ins.

SMS Marketing can be a highly rewarding platform when you do it right.

Schedule a meet with us and we will share the strategies that your brand can apply to make SMS your number 1 Revenue generating channel.